3D and HD Production Services

Saturnalia Productions is a start to finish 3D and High Definition ("HD") Production and Post Production company located in Los Angeles, California. Since 1999, our personnel have focused exclusively on HD Production and Post Production, making us one of the earliest adopters in the United States. We expanded into 3D production and post in 2009.

Our credits include:

  • Over 200 hours of television for broadcasters including CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, BBC, HBO, Discovery Networks, Bravo and MTV
  • Behind the Scenes for Lucasfilm, BBC, Channel 4 (England) MTV, Warner Brothers and Disney
  • Over 100 concerts and professional sporting events, many broadcast live using fiber back 3D and HD cameras
  • Over 40 features

Due to our proven track record of professionalism and hundreds of 3D and high definition credits, our personnel are among the most respected in the industry.

This rare start to finish experience allows Saturnalia Productions to be your one-stop shop for crew, camera rental and post production. Although there are several advantages to hiring us to oversee all production and post, our services are a la carte meaning you can hire us for one, some of all of your 3D or HD needs.

If you have questions, concerns or would like to discuss your project confidentially, feel free to contact us.

We truly love helping our clients make their visions a reality.

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